About VBN

Vermont Birth Network is a nonprofit organization and independent forum providing information, education, support, and advocacy on healthy, normal birth in Vermont. Choosing prenatal care is the first major step in the journey of parenthood. Understanding your options for care and being empowered to assert choice during your prenatal care as well as during labor and delivery will instill a sense of centered strength and confidence that will carry into early parenting. As passionate birth advocates, we will gather and share outstanding evidence based research on the importance of making informed choices from pregnancy to birth to post-partum and breastfeeding.

Vermont Birth Network can help individuals create the birth they want, drawing in all of the knowledge and support they will need to enter into birth on their terms and with an open heart. Because current hospital practices often do not support normal birth processes, birthing individuals must be informed about the birth process and all possible interventions they may encounter in a hospital or homebirth setting.  You are in control of your birth experience and have the right to accept or deny any intervention offered.

As advocates of normal birth we recognize its physical, emotional, cultural, and spiritual interconnected dimensions. We believe birth is natural process with inherent transformative power. It is every individual’s right to engage with all of these elements when creating a space where they can gently birth a new-being into the world.

Blessings with your birth!

Juliana Marton

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Our Bios:

Executive Director:

Juliana Marton, Apprentice Midwife, M.Ed., CD(DONA), CLC

Juliana is an apprentice midwife and recent Masters of Education graduate from the University of Vermont. She is also a certified labor doula and lactation counselor. Juliana  passionately advocates for maternal and newborn health and well-being in Vermont through facilitating experiences of informed, empowered, normal phsysiological, and gentle birth.

Please contact me at JulianaEMarton@gmail.com


Laura Peer has a Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Maternal and Child Health. She has experience in international women’s health and child survival. Her primary interests are in promoting and protecting the wellness model of maternity care and in helping create a more breastfeeding-friendly culture in the United States. Laura is a La Leche League Leader in Central Vermont. She lives in Montpelier with her husband and two young daughters.

Linda Pruitt is co-creator of Mama Says, a Vermont based publication started in 2004. MS is a vehicle for the voice of the mother comprised of shared stories exploring both the light brilliance and the dark shadow of mothering. In 2006 she launched the political/social action component Mama Says Action. Mama Says is poised to become a non-profit in late 2007. Linda is the owner of Vermont Diaper Company, a growing manufacturer of organic cloth diapering supplies and menstrual alternatives. She has been a prenatal yoga and prenatal bellydance teacher as well as a librarian/revolutionary. She lives in Montpelier with her husband, daughter, and ill mannered cat. You can read her work at www.mamasaysnews.blogspot.com .